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Our small team is curated to deliver the best service possible to everyone, and creating a safe and warm environment to help reset your body and mind.

Steve Hinton
(Addiction and Referral Lead)

In May 2019, with the excellent support and mentoring of Alan Sheppard, Michelle founded Re-Imagine Me CIC. The aim was to develop a holistic support service that supports people with a dual diagnosis of mental health and addiction. With a wealth of experience working in the mental health sector, Michelle wanted to bridge the gap between mental health and addiction support. Michelle is of the strong belief that supporting individuals holistically, increases the likelihood of sustained outcomes. 


Michelle develops and delivers projects, liaises with external organisations and oversees the fitness and well-being domain. 

Steve was a strong supporter and to some degree, the reason behind the incorporation of Re-Imagine Me CIC. Steve, through lived experience has been a strong and vocal champion of the need to address addiction simultaneously alongside their mental health. Steve’s drive and energy has won him an award for his focus on the recognition of dual diagnosis. Steve has a wealth of experience as an active member of trustee boards, peer mentoring and working in treatment centres.

Steve’s role is to assess, mentor and provide an after care service for people with addiction struggles. Steve also manages our referral pathway for treatment, housing and education if required.

Michelle Walters
Managing Director
(Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead)

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