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We are a support service for individuals with a dual diagnosis or presenting symptoms of mental health and addiction issues. We provide a well-being service which is holistically driven in supporting the whole person as opposed to symptoms. We currently operate in north Solihull, but aim to branch out in Birmingham. Our target market is any individual with a diagnosis or not, aged between 18 and 65 years of age. 

The reason for our incorporation was the need to close the gap between the lack of accessibiility and collaboration of services within mental health and addiction services. Whether the need is clinical or support based, due to funding criteria, individuals are not able to access multi-faceted support in order to address multiple needs. The latest statistics from NHS annual reports state that 70% of individuals with addiction issues have undiagnosed/untreated mental health issues. In Birmingham, Crisis the charity for homelessness, report 76% of the city's homeless has addiction and mental health issues. Under the current system, they cannot access help for both needs simultaneously. 

Our goal is to foster personal responsibility in a trusting and non judgemental environment to empower individuals to make healthier choices to promote recovery. Responsibility and making informed choices enables individuals to enter the process of sustainable recovery. We will also:

  • Reduce social isolation

  • Increase community cohesion 

  • Reduce criminal activity 

  • Build stronger family networks 

  • Increase self esteem

  • Lower levels of substance dependency 

  • Increase physical fitness 

  • Increase levels of mental stability

  • Ensure a better everyday life for all

How are we different from other CICS in the area? 

Through accessibility and simplicity. There is an immediate access to our service that anyone can refer to. We provide a structured delivery that provides sustained outcomes. We provide accessibility of different services to promote recovery under one roof. 



Our 5 Key Areas



Mental Health

Anger Management


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